“An expert is someone who has made every mistake possible in a very narrow area.” ~Neils Bohr (1885-1962)

About Don

My Dad doing a delivery

I slogged from childhood in businesses and jobs, myself. I worked when I was 9 years old baking bread in my father’s bakery, I remember with flour all over my face and putting the bread into the hot oven, and I felt I was feeding the world with the bread, making the bread. It was a great thrill to make the bread. I know how much people enjoyed it I used to watch them grab the warm bread.


Flipping Pizza. Click to enlarge

Then I started pizzerias. You know I flipped pizzas again in front of a hot oven. So in my mind, I gave myself a promotion. From a bakery to a pizzeria, it was like a promotion.

And then I slogged through many jobs. I became the director of operations with a franchise company, I development franchises and businesses and finally getting into this business I’m promoting by selling franchises. That means brick and mortar stores, even in the days before the internet all this was done through mail order.

And why would people go pay hundreds of thousands of dollars, building it and taking on utilities and services and then keep on paying lease payments and repair bills and then within a restricted market and wait for the customers to come in. So what happened?

We developed it and I saw the genius of it. As a great man once said, and I learned it from an essay of his, Ralph Waldo Emerson said something to the effect that, “Genius is one that does not think the obvious.”

And I also learned from my mentor to make any business successful business it must have 3 E’s, it must be Easy, Effortless and Enjoyable. I could never grasp that idea, and I told him that was too tall of an order and he answered me, he said, “Yes, your voice of judgement, which was developed from childhood, if not before tells you why can’t do a thing, it never tells you that you can do it.”

Now, all these years, years of grueling experience, and going through all this, building a family, having children, taking care of them, jobs and businesses, led me to this. Why not do this? We have to have a back up plan for our life. Why would I let my children go through what I have gone through? Why would I not build something that they can carry on, thrive on and enjoy?

Slogging away in the pizza business; 7 days a week… there is a better way!

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