Have you ever been told you can’t do a thing?

We have all heard it before. Some of us may even believe it. I don’t. I will tell you why. I know this special young lady. I actually call her “My Angel”.  Her name is Megan and she is the inspiration behind this book and for me to make her biggest dream to come true. Sometimes when you see a deep driving desire in someone, especially someone you love, you feel empowered to help it become.

Some may call her stubborn others may call her determined and yet others more will say she is stubbornly determined. As long as I can remember whenever someone might tell her she can’t do some thing she somehow proves that statement wrong and show’s them otherwise.

What can I tell you? I was told she wouldn’t survive, she wouldn’t know she was alive, then I was told she wouldn’t crawl, wouldn’t walk, wouldn’t talk, wouldn’t be able to go to school, I know Megan has a totally different agenda. So when she says she is a writer…I don’t doubt it. Neither will you.

She shows me, each and every day…You can be anything you want to be.

“I told you I always wanted to be a writer”, she said.

Don’t let her small physical stature fool you. Being 4’4″ isn’t all that bad, besides when you are born 9 inches long and weighing only 885 grams (31 ounces) it is quite an accomplishment to stand that tall after 21 years. If you can get past what your eyes perceives to see you will realize you are in the midst of a Giant!

How else can you explain Megan’s vision to write? She defies our own limitations that we may place on her or expect of her. Even her teachers, her friends and some family…maybe even I, doubted her. But now not for much longer. Over and over again when Megan was quite young I would ask her, “What are you doing?”

“Writing my book,” she would quickly reply.

“Oh, I see.” replied I. “Shouldn’t you learn how to print, spell and learn words first?”

“That doesn’t matter, I have to write my book.” Megan replied as a matter of a fact.

” So you think you are going to be a writer….” I continued.

“I already are.” she snorted.

Take a look at the world, see the world that she sees through her eyes of what a beautiful world this is and maybe you will understand what this life is all about.



You and I may type 20-40 words per minute. And if we practiced and trained ourselves we may even type at a respectable 50-60 words per minute. And for some people that amount may even be approaching their level of patience and expectation; any amount less may make them swirl in frustration. What would your patience be like if you could only type 10, 5 or even 2 words in a minute?

What would your frustration level be like to do that in an hour?

Well, Megan types at that pace. 50-60 words in an hour. She is a Giant of Patience. She labours over each letter, each sound, each word. She battles over her frustrations and conquers any perceived limitation. She becomes the sentence, its her essence that comes out through her words, her paragraphs and her story. It is a labour of love for her. She wants to share that Love with you.

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“Got Megan’s message and ordered her book…
Anyway just wanted to say it reduced me to tears and I’m glad you sent me the link!!! 
She is an inspiration and I will send the info to my great nephew who also has CP.
…thanks for sharing your Angel!!”
~ Beth Verge Toronto, Canada
“Megans outlook on life is truly inspirational. She has so much love to share and reiterates some of life’s truths.
Everyone should read this book and walk a mile in someone else’s shoes! ~JM Sydney, Australia


“We wish her, no sorry we wish ourselves to be inspired by her and that we can make the lives of our loved ones around us and other less fortunate ones just that much better. She certainly is an inspiration; she obviously had wonderful parents and family. So although she did it herself, she had you to lean on, so take some credit and a bow along with her. God Bless for sharing and inspiring me to go get IT!”  ~Riyaz Jessa

“Don, that is so wonderful! I’ve thought of Megan often over the years when I’ve been or have been around those that are complaining about things. I don’t know her real well, but well enough to know that she never did and that’s an inspiration to us all. Well done Meg! Keep amazing!” ~Sandra Watkins & family.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Walking can even be a challenge… but Megan finds a way. Walking with an assisted device could be like walking in construction boots on the beach in high tide. It is difficult, yes but with an un-relenting desire to do so;  it becomes do-able. All it takes is the will to do it. Maybe, just maybe Megan is demonstrating that lesson. I know I see her un-relenting desire everyday. She is absolutely right. You can and be anything you want to be and do!


Megan busy in her office writing her Biggest Dream

“I am done for now because my hand is tired now.”

I even tried to convince Megan to use an adaptive software like “co-writer with spell check” but she said she did not like it because she didn’t want someone else telling her what to write next…”it is MY story.”

Megan’s labour of love can be shared with you, right now. Can all this time be wasted in not doing so? Just send Megan an email right now and she will share Her Biggest Dream with you. There is no other time than NOW. Even in the time that it has taken for you to read this, ‘time’ has slipped away into the past. Don’t let this amazing young lady’s story pass you by.


Megan’s Book is distributed by Don Crupi Promotions

                                                                                          $12.95 + HST = $14.63 Total

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Download-able Book

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 Megan’s Book is distributed by Don Crupi Promotions