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4 Life Changing Coffee Mugs

…The 4 Words That Impact Our Life To Face Our Day To Day Challenges Are Embellished on Each of the 4 Mugs

It is said that the first cup of coffee is a comfort drink to face the challenges of the day. We sip and hold the cup with both hands to feel the solace and security of our being.

…The longer the coffee lasts the more comfortable we feel so we don’t have to rush off to work. We wind ourselves up to face the day.

We present you with 4 coffee mugs with the four words of daily power.

This set of four mugs may assist you to Dream, Imagine, Think and Believe. On the reverse side of each mug is a quotation from the great teachers which will engrave the meaning of the four words of power in our hearts; so we can live with courage and bring back meaning in our life. The quotations are:


  •   Dreamers are the saviors of the world          …James Allan
  •  Imagination is more important than knowledge… Einstein
  •  As a man thinketh in his heart so is he …James Allan
  •  I am what I believe….Anon

Description and Benefits… (Mouse over each mug to view the reverse side of the mug)


Everyone can benefit from these PowerMugs™

These mugs can be kept on the desk, the kitchen table or in the dining room. It will constantly remind us that we have got to… Dream… Imagine…Think….and Believe.

These 4 PowerMugs™ with these four life changing words are like our firewall and antivirus programs against negative and fearful thoughts that don’t seem to let go of us.

It may trigger and enhance courage and release us from the uncontrollable sense of insecurity that haunts us now and then. It can also release us from the grip of occasional bouts of unhappiness.

These four words embedded on the mugs and backed up with quotations of Einstein, Allan and the Anon author may be the security system that can propel us to the world we always wanted to be. We can get rid of all the malware and spyware of the mind that hacks into our emotions daily.

Warning: You may drink more coffee than you normally do with this mug.

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These coffee mugs are inspired by the greatest thinkers of our time and the times beyond.    


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The PowerMugs™ could be ideal gifts for anyone. Even for a kid or teenager to have their juices or milk.

Ideal gifts for friends and family who will surely appreciate and use it and they will always remember you. They will also find out that you use the same mugs and will appreciate you more for giving them the same gifts.

It is a gift to remember. It is not just a coffee mug, it is a mug filled to the brim with inspiration and kind thoughts for the person that you give the gift to.

Description of the PowerMugs™

There are 4 white ceramic mugs in a package with black imprint on it so it will not clash with any decor or design of your kitchen or office.

You will be constantly reminded by some of the greatest thinkers of our time of what we must do to empower ourselves and be better than yesterday but not as great as tomorrow.

Each of the mugs has one of the four great words embedded boldly in black to stand out and constantly remind us of our power. On the reverse side  a quotation from the great personalities of the past validating those words so that we can easily embrace it with our hearts and mind and continue to live an enhanced fear free life.

Through our daily mundane activities such as drinking  a mug of coffee or tea we can remind ourselves that we are what we believe, dream, imagine and think.

To help us do that we have produced an added value to our everyday coffee and tea mugs to help us to stay inspired, empowered and reach for the stars. And more than that… maybe we can even dream the impossible dream if we are inspired enough.

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What is the PowerMug™ ?

Every morning as we get up and have our coffee and tea we will be constantly reminded by some of the greatest thinkers of our time of what we must do to empower ourselves and be better than yesterday but not as great as tomorrow.

The First PowerMug™

This mug will say Dream and on the other side of the mug it is written, “Dreamers are the saviors of the world”. This quotation is from James Allan who lived at the turn of the 20th century from his book, “As a Man Thinketh”.

If we didn’t have dreamers like Columbus, Copernicus or Galileo, Edison, where would we be today?

Our capacity to dream seems to have gone to sleep.

This will awaken our dream capabilities and make our dreams our vision of our life. “We shall dream lofty dreams”.

Frequently looking at that mug sitting on our desk or kitchen table will remind us and awaken us to dream. The waking dream is the real dream. Can we put a value on the power to dream?

Just Imagine this cup sitting on your desk or on the kitchen counter.

The Second PowerMug™

This mug will say, Imagine and on the other it is written, “Imagination is more important than knowledge”. This quotation is from Albert Einstein, one of the greatest scientists who ever lived.

This inspiration can catapult us to heights unknown to us now.

He reminds us that knowledge is of the past, imagination is of the future and that is where we are headed.

In today’s busy world we forget to imagine what we want to be, what we want to do and have. So we miss out in many things in life. If we ask ourselves, when was the last time we imagined, we would be surprised.

Imagination is priceless. We cannot put a value to it.

It is a mug that you need to have on your desktop to inspire you to get ahead. 

The Third PowerMug™

This mug will say, Think and on the other side of the mug it is written, “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he”. This quotation is also from James Allan. He took this from the great saying of Solomon, one of the wisest men who ever lived.

Our thoughts make us and our thoughts break us.

Our circumstances are the effects of our thoughts. Our actions are the blossoming of our thoughts.

This mug will remind us not to have recycled thoughts.

Most people think the same thoughts over and over again. It is said, we think 60 thousand thoughts in a day and you will be surprised, it is usually the same thoughts over and over again.

When we can dream and imagine we can have new thoughts. We see when we think.

This mug will remind us to think the thoughts we want to think and not the thoughts we don’t want to think. We must remember thoughts make us or unmake us.

This mug will make us.

The Fourth PowerMug™

This mug will say, Believe and on the other side of the mug is written, “I am what I believe”. We can imagine, we can dream but if we cannot believe we cannot have what we dreamed and imagined. We are what we believe.

This saying will remind us continuously to believe in ourselves and in the universe that whatever we can imagine, think and dream we can be, do and have.

A single word can make our life rich, emotionally and materially. There is no substitute.

Get your mugs today for your friends and your family.

You will become a benefactor to your friends.

It will be more than a gift giving to you family, it will be a gift embedded with inspiration. You will be inspiriting thought to those you love and care about. You will be inspiring your colleagues and your peers and your bosses.

Don’t delay, do it now. You have nothing to lose.

Everybody needs inspiration in today’s world of shifting grounds beneath our feet.

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