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Best-known for carrying books and binders in grade school, the beloved backpack has resurfaced as a trendy bag option. Conveniently hands-free and large enough to carry all the essentials, backpacks are leaping off the school bus and popping up on the street.

Stylish, functional and extremely versatile, the backpack is truly one bag that is perfect for everyone. The standard backpack with multiple compartments is great for schools because it is durable and large enough for any load of school supplies. Sports teams look to drawstring cinch-topped styles because they are lightweight and easy to open and close. The canvas rucksack-style backpack is best for camping and other outdoor activities because of its breathable cotton material.


Back to school is back to work, let it work for you!
As one of the most travel-friendly bags, backpacks are smart promotional tools because of the sheer visibility these bags will have to potential customers. Backpacks also lend themselves perfectly to decorating and embroidery because of the size of the bag and the open space that is available to decorate. These bags are designed with decorating in mind, which ensures that your logo is being showcased all over town with traditional silkscreen, transfer or embroidery.


Your Logo Billboard will be seen each and everyday on the back of that bag.

As the workforce becomes more casual and mobile, businesses are shedding typical briefcases and swapping them out for backpacks. The trend is for a lot of diversity in the companies and industries buying backpacks, from schools and hospitals to Fortune 500 companies. For those that travel, a backpack is a more sensible choice, as it can hold more while being much more comfortable than carrying a shoulder bag or business case.


Back To School Special:

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