“The DCP Business Package” is the business opportunity geared for success and profitability. It is the system and model for “about to be” successful entrepreneurs.

It is a total turn key business that can be started as quickly as today. It is not a brick and mortar service provider. So there is no over head related to its day to day operation. No rent to be paid, no utilities to carry and no employees to be paid, unless the operator wants to be hands off. Since the DCP operator is not tied down to a specific venue to do business the DCP operator is totally mobile; able to do business from any where. There are no closed doors for the potential DCP customer to bump into.

It is practically risk free. Someone else invests the money, as the customer pays up front. Someone else makes the product, someone else carries the inventory, and that someone else takes that risk. Someone else delivers the order and the DCP operator keeps the profit.

What is this business?

Advertising and promotional products, also known as ad specialties, is a growth industry that caters to consumers, business and non profits, to promote themselves, their business, a cause or a message.

There are a multitude of suppliers and manufacturers of these products in North America and around the world. The value is not in the product itself but on the customized and personalized message embellished upon them.

Take a look at your pen, someone has sent you a message or a reminder. Look on your desk; you will see another logo, on that mug or calendar or ruler, it is another person requesting your business. Promotional products simply work.

The DCP Business Package operator brokers specific items to be customized. The imprint (a logo, a telephone number, a saying, etc.) itself is the advertising message. It is the heart beat of marketing. There can be no business without advertising and no advertising without business. It is the life blood of ALL business. Now you can help other businesses be successful. This IS the advertising and promotional products industry!

Who needs these business services and products?

Anybody and everybody looking to promote a brand, image or saying especially business need and utilize these products: real estate agents, mortgage brokers, and even bankers to sales professionals to your local pizza restaurant. The market for these items is virtually limitless! Pens, desk items, calendars and key chains are very popular as everyday reminders of their business to their customers. Gifts, awards and rewards build loyalty and recognition.

Nonprofit, fundraising organizations utilize signage to t-shirts for things like walk-a-thons to promote awareness. It is not uncommon that an organization will purchase every item through an DCP operator as they become the one source point of contact for the event. Vissors, baseball caps, badges and awards for recognition are very popular.

Even the individual consumer may have an idea for a customized or unique t-shirt or coffee mug for “grandma” or a buddy’s birthday. DCP provides a design landing page for each of its operators so anyone can go to their site and design a unique and personalized design to be embellished upon a t-shirt, cap or coffee mug.

Why do people need these services and products?

One of the keys to being successful in business is the ability to stand out from the crowd, to be noticed; therefore increasing the chances for would be customers to purchase the businesses products and/or services. Ad specialties are a proven media driver the businesses utilize to do that.

These products help develop their brand and more importantly their brand recognition. Being on the mind of their customer eases them to order more and more importantly more often. What better way than a custom embellished keepsake that their customer utilizes or sees each and every day?

ROI: Return on Investment

As one of the lowest cost per impression in any media, promotional products make economic sense for businesses to build and keep their brand recognition. In economic downturns businesses actually relocate advertising dollars to ensure their loyal regular customers do not stray.

How business is done:

The DCP Business Package is a proven system that capitalizes on a proprietary North American wide on line search engine accessing the largest range of promotional products.

The DCP selling and billing system conveys a professional and proficient execution of customer’s orders. These allow the DCP operator to become the expert in the field of advertising and marketing brokerage of these products in their field.

Where is business done from?

One of the joys of this business is that you can get and service customers on line. There is no brick and mortar store to look after. It is a virtual storefront, an on line store. Customers can browse products, select and place orders through the DCP operator’s web site.

Business is done from anywhere, even your own kitchen table, coffee shop or on the beach; all you need is an internet connection.

Make money from anywhere in world with this totally mobile business



When business is done? Anytime; all the time… 24/7

This on line, e-commerce business has unlimited hours of operations. But the DCP operator is not required to work all those unlimited hours. The interactive ordering system does not require a human presence, just a virtual one.

The DCP operators can do business on either coast, virtually in real time. No market needs to be neglected. Time zones are no longer factors as on line ordering can be done in the middle of the night, usually when a customer remembers he has forgotten to place the order for the shirts for the upcoming golf tournament.

Expertise and Support

The DCP Business Package was born as a result of initiating an effective e-commerce solution to enhance the brick and mortar store service venue of one of  North America’s largest custom embellishment franchise system.

It was quite obvious, to Don Crupi the franchise business model was behind the times, almost pre-historic. Instead of wasting too much time, energy and money in making “a pace- maker for the dinosaur”, he focused on creating an on line, virtual business that rid itself of the greatest hindrances of success that those franchisees were facing…debt servicing.

Brick and mortar stores require a foot print which comes with a monthly rent payment. The stores required equipment again adding a lease or equipment purchase payment. The equipment required workers, again a weekly or bi-weekly expense and payment. How about the utilities, repairs and maintenance?

Overhead and debt servicing payments eroded their perceived high gross margins. The most successful franchisees in that system were farming out the production side of the business anyways and settling for lower margins and less to no work!

Welcome to the DCP Business Package!

DCP Business Package has all the benefits of a proven franchise system without the profit reducing overhead and debt servicing.


Incorporated in the initial investment is the initial training that the DCP operator will receive. The training program incorporates operational and marketing manuals, inter-active webinar and e-learning components that capitalize on over 49 years of business and franchise system experience in training, business development and operational guidance.

After the initial training, the operator will have all the resources and “how to” knowledge to execute their new business. On going support is available to DCP operators through the DCP Operational and Marketing Membership site.


A business starts with a product. The product though is only 15-25% of the business. The balance, 75-85% is in distribution and administration.

The DCP model focuses on the 75-85% of the business and leaves the grunt work of production to the producers of the product.

In today’s world product obsolesce is the way. Products become obsolete even before they get off of the drawing board. The DCP business model and concept defies obsolescence. It grows with the obsolescence of other products.

Inventory control and merchandising is a science and has been the cause of many business failures. Under stocking or over stocking has sent many sophisticated organizations reeling into financial crisis.

In this concept and business, the DCP operator is safe and sound and does not need the sophistication of merchandising and/or buying. It is virtually risk free. The risk is in not making enough marketing efforts in an ocean of opportunity which beckon to be sold.