How much is it worth?


Just recently I had a conversation with an individual interested in purchasing a business opportunity. I was not surprised when he asked “How much does it cost?”  But I know my answer left him in a state of bewilderment, “You can afford this at any price!”

It amazes me sometimes that some people base their entire decision on or interest in something on the purchase price. Purchase price at times has no bearing on its intrinsic worth or value.


Let me shed some light upon what I mean, by sharing with you what I know. My Mentor once described to me that something’s worth is very different than that of it’s purchase price. He fashioned this learning to me in his own unique way. Let me now paraphrase:


“Don, if I put in your hand a solid golden egg worth $250,000, then told you if you wanted it, it would cost $250,000, would that be fair?”


“Absolutely, it is the fair market value.”


“Remember,” He said,” that egg is a symbol of wealth and even health, it is golden. It can be viewed as richness, being rich and with all riches there is a certain life style that goes with it. It is a security that you have wealth in the form of a golden egg. Happy is he that carries a golden egg in his pocket.”


“Now here I have a goose, for $1.69/lb it can be yours, it could be your next meal, so for under $20 you can eat very well, today. For the hungry, struggling person that has $20 in his pocket it may indeed be a great transaction.”


“But what if I tell you that this goose lays golden eggs, those exact solid golden eggs that you paid $250,000 for? What should I charge you for it, this goose that lays golden eggs?

Is it worth $1.69/lb? Is it worth $250,000?

Is it worth more? Surely it will lay more eggs if you tend to it and feed it?”


“So how much does it cost?”


If there is a business that lays golden eggs for you if you tend to it and feed it. What is it worth? When you know what something is worth, its purchase price is not it’s value.

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“You can afford this at any price!”